210 Mahoneys Road

Thomastown, VIC 3074

210 Mahoneys Road

Thomastown, VIC 3074


Gravestone inscriptions feature words of comfort and memorial sentiments.

Memorial Inscriptions

Writing a memorial message is a very personal thing, filled with love and memories. At Hallettstone Memorials, we understand how hard it can be, especially during tough times. We’re here to help you create a special tribute that lasts.

There aren’t strict rules for what to write. You can keep it simple or make it personal—it’s up to you. Think about what your loved one liked and what others remember about them. Whether you pick lines from a favorite book, a poem, or a quote, make sure it shows who they were.

At Hallettstone Memorials, we’ll help you through this process patiently. Your chosen words will keep your loved one’s memory alive for years to come. Take your time choosing the right words, and remember, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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Additional Inscriptions


Hallettsone Memorials are leaders in the industry in regard to placing additional inscriptions on headstones. We are able to supply an additional inscription to a headstone, placing a desk on the ledger of your monument with a beautiful message for your loved one and creating a bronze plaque with your heartfelt words. Call us today for a free no obligation quotation.

At Hallettstone Memorials we can add an additional inscription to an existing memorial.

All additional inscriptions are completed onsite at the cemetery.

Our service for adding a new inscription on to an existing headstone includes:

  • Examination of the existing memorial and the taking of a hand rubbing on paper to ensure correct font and size.
  • Full quotations includes the specific requirements and cemetery permits.
  • Photo on completion.


Frequently Asked Question.
Why is another permit fee required for a new inscription?
The permit to complete works is governed by legislation and all new works such as an additional inscription would require a permit to complete work at the cemetery. Hallettstone Memorials will arrange this permit on your behalf.

Here are some examples of inscriptions we did on site: